American Idol started its new season this week. The first episode Hollywood Week Genre Challenge aired on March 29th and fans are talking. With its very first episode, American Idol has some fans mad.

Some fans of ABC’s American Idol are upset with the show for the way that the Hollywood Week Genre Challenge episode was edited. The Hollywood Week Genre Challenge episode was the first after the auditions. It was the first time judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie were cutting down the number of contestants from those that made it through auditions.

Fans also didn’t like the idea that they edited and controlled how much backstory of contestants was included in the show. Viewers discussed the show live on the Reddit live discussion thread and talked about the editing of the show and the inclusion of the backstories of some of the contestants.

“Respectfully, I don’t need more of these contestants’ stories right now. Just a really quick audition reminder and then move onto the mentors/performance” one person wrote.


Another wrote “I miss singing shows… these mini Lifetime movies are too much”.

“I haaaaaate how this episode is being edited” one reply reads. “I’d love to hear at least a TINY snippet of everyone in each line?”.

Some went as far as to call for different editors. “STOP CUTTING BACK, AND JUST SHOW THE SINGING! Editors need to be fired” one person wrote.

Some people took shot at Judges as well.

“Can I be honest with y’all? The judges need to stop faking everybody out. There are people’s lives on the f***ing line” one person wrote.

One person replied to that “For me, the problem is that these judges pretend to be all nice and supportive, but then pull these stunts”.

Other criticisms of the show had to do with the number of country singers, the lack of performances shown by people who did not make it through, and some stand-out contestants from auditions not being highlighted.

Next episode is on the Hollywood Week Duets Challenge where contestants will be paired up with another contestant to perform a duet. Lets see if after getting such feedbacks from the fans American Idol decides to trim down the level of editing for the next one.

American Idol airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time on ABC. Keep checking back with Thirsty for more updates.

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