Lizzo has established herself among the top stars of the music industry. The rapper amassed a massive fanbase through her back to back hits. Recently, Lizzo finished her new album and she has turned to her friends for musical advice.

Recently, Lizzo made an appearance on “The Late Late Show” with James Corden. On the show, the “Juice” hitmaker offered fans a preview of her upcoming song, “About Damn Time.”

During the interview, host James Corden asked Lizzo who she goes to for honest feedback about her new music. The artist replied, “My friends. They’ll tell me. They’ll be like, ‘This ain’t it girl.’ Or once they start twerking, I’m like, ‘This is it,’” She further revealed she goes to her mom at the last cause she’s a harsh critic.

“And then, I play it for my mom. But she is last to hear it because she is a Virgo woman and she’s a harsh critic… but she cried, she loved it.”

However, Lizzo didn’t confirm the release date for the track, or divulge when she plans to release her fourth studio album, which she finished recently. In the mean time, she’s  is celebrating the release of her new show “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls,” which just debuted on Amazon Prime. 

The show follows the rap star as she searches for women to join her as backup dancers. It should be noted, the new show on Amazon is just one of several power moves she is making. Lizzo revealed that she has a massive deal in the works but has yet to reveal more details.

“Now what??’ But y’all don’t understand- I can’t be stopped, This is my season. I’m about to be everywhere and I’m about to announce the biggest thing YET. Bigger than anything I’ve ever done. 3 years in the making. A Dream Come True. Stay tuned b####.”

Lizzo’s next album will likely bring a lot of attention just like everything else she touches nowadays. Obviously, she wants to put out the best quality possible. We will be on the lookout for more updates. Stay tuned to Thirsty.

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