Amanda Bynes made a name for herself as a child actress in various Nickelodeon shows. While she tries to stay out of the limelight now, sometimes it can be unavoidable for her. It seems Bynes is doing very well after the termination of her conservatorship.

The former child star’s conservatorship, which had been in place for over nine years, was dissolved earlier this month. Following the termination of her conservatorship, Amanda Bynes is thriving and looking forward to the future with her fiancé. Bynes’ lawyer David Esquibias recently discussed her situation with the People magazine.

She’s doing very well and looking forward to moving in her property with (fiancé) Paul (Michael). They’re actively searching for furniture and she’s excited about all of it. She’s ecstatic to receive her parents’ full love and support behind her decision to terminate the conservatorship.

In the previous several years, Amanda has been working hard to improve her health so that she can live and work freely, and she will continue to prioritize her well-being in this next chapter. On February 23, Page Bynes had filed a petition to dissolve her conservatorship.


After suffering with mental health and substance misuse, the alum of “The Amanda Show” was placed in care. Bynes has been inundated with invitations to tell her tale since her legal termination. According to TMZ, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, Elle, Gayle King of CBS News, and YouTuber Logan Paul have all requested interviews with the former actress. She’s also been offered a role in a reality show based on her current situation.

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