Aaron Carter is known for his questionable taste in fashion. The artist boasts a number of tattoos all over his body. It appears he added some new ink to his collection, but he had a good reason for getting this new ink.

Carter took to Instagram ahead of the weekend to show himself adding to his extensive ink collection. The singer got three new face tattoos, including a massive butterfly tattoo on his face.

The I Want Candy singer went on to reveal the meaning behind the butterfly tattoo. He said it was to honor his sister Leslie, who passed away from a drug overdose in 2012, at age of 25. While speaking with his tattoo artist, the musician said it was a “serendipitous” experience.

‘It’s kind of serendipitous I would say. Because you’re a Gemini, and the blue butterfly represents my sister who passed away being a Gemini also.’ 


In the clip, Carter donned a blue hoodie, and sported a diamond boxing glove necklace chain around his neck. He said in the beginning of the video, “I’m with Mike right now. So, I’m getting three face tattoos right now with this lovely gentleman right here.”

The 34-year old then explained the inspiration for the butterfly tattoo. He revealed, “Every time I see a blue butterfly… she loved blue, it was her favorite color.” The singer added, “She had the most beautiful icy blue eyes in the world.”

Carter went on to reminisce about his sibling. He also said how much better she was at singing than him or his famous brother Nick Carter. Meanwhile, you can check out his post below.

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Shubham Banerjee

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