Grimes is having a very busy week. The songwriter was the subject of an unexpected Vanity Fair cover story in which she accidentally revealed that she and Elon Musk have a second child. It seems Grimes recently shared a story about her hacker moment before the woke era.

Grimes recently went into detail about how one particular photo from 2012 was leaked, leading to her being cancelled before the woke period. That is to say, it wound up on Hipster Runoff, a blog firmly set in an earlier era of the internet when an anonymous, one-person outfit could launch to success with a gift for cruel and vicious comedy, a deft hand at meme-craft, and no worries about choosing targets.

Grimes didn’t like Hipster Runoff creator Carles’ interpretation of the photo, or what it allegedly indicated about her caree. She also didn’t enjoy numerous other pieces he’d written about her in the early days of the show. So she enlisted the help of an unknown video game industry employee.

According to Grimes, the friend then proceeded to “DDOS” Hipster Runoff. In other words they launched a dedicated denial of service attack on the website, rendering it inoperable. Grimes then essentially coerced Carles into taking down the piece about her, using language we’re guessing no lawyer approved.


Grimes always does the unexpected so there’s no telling what new story pops up. This was a story about Grimes using cunning and connections to someone at a video game company to beat a bully at his own game. Check out the full interview below.

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