WWE wrestler and actor David Otunga is the ex-husband of Jennifer Hudson. For years, he attended red carpet events by her side, all the while he had his own career sitting in catering for WWE. Now he is hocking a reminder of that relationship.

Although Hudson was very hesitant in allowing Otunga to spend some time with their child after their separation, it appears something has changed. The father-son pair were recently seen spending quality time together. It seems their engagement ring is up for auction.

Jennifer Hudson’s ten-year engagement to David Otunga ended in divorce and a lot of resentment. In 2008, David had Neil Lane design a 5-carat cushion cut diamond ring for Jennifer, which is estimated to be worth $45K. It seems that the fine piece of jewelry is now up for auction.

Jennifer gave David the ring when they broke up in 2017. An engagement ring is a gift in contemplation of marriage, according to legalese. In most places, the individual who gave the ring — in this example, David — gets it back if the marriage does not work out.

So David has partnered up with IDoNowIDont.com to get it off his hands. According to TMZ, David intends to donate a share of the revenues to a fathers’ rights organization. The ring has an interesting backstory, because it was worn by the pop diva when she won a Grammy in 2009, which was presented to her by none other than Whitney Houston.

Jennifer and David have a 12-year-old kid together named David Daniel Otunga Jr. Although their custody battle was acrimonious, they appeared to have moved on individually. The size 7 diamond rock is now available for purchase, provided anyone got thousands to spare.

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