The Undertaker is a household name in the world of professional wrestling, as he is considered a living legend to many. He gave 30 years of his life to the business and achieved a level of success not many can dream of. He also opened up about the legendary picture with his ‘grandmother.’

The Undertaker recently appeared on the latest episode of Out of Character podcast. He joined Ryan Satin to discuss several topics from hanging out in a funeral home as a kid, life after retirement, the WWE Hall of Fame, and the relationship he had with Scott Hall.

The Undertaker revealed that the classic picture with his ‘grandmother’ was all a lie. He honestly said that he has got no idea who that is and what he was doing in her house. Ryan Satin burst out into laughter after hearing that The Undertaker doesn’t recall taking that legendary photograph.

I have no idea who that is and why I’m in that lady’s house.


The Undertaker is one of the few WWE superstars who arguably became bigger than the company itself. The Phenom is set to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame this year, in what is certainly shaping up to be one of the best Hall Of Fame ceremonies in recent memory. Take a look at the iconic picture and hear out the podcast below.

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