Rihanna is expecting her first child with A$AP Rocky, and that has fans watching her every move more than ever. A recent addition to her jewelry has fans going wild.

Rihanna dropped a huge hint that she and A$AP Rocky may already be engaged. She wore a big rock on her ring finger while going on the LA shopping trip. It was a huge circular diamond ring with a prominent gold outline. She wore a black tee, low rise jeans, and a yellow baseball cap while shopping for baby clothes in Kitson.

The couple has been going very strong recently, so it wouldn’t be super shocking if the rapper brought the topic up while waiting for their baby. An unknown source for RiRi told Hollywood Life that the proposal was in January before the news of their baby.

“Rocky has a great relationship with Rihanna’s family and it’s only a matter of time before he proposes, Rocky absolutely feels that Rihanna is the perfect person for him, and he can’t imagine his life without her. They have discussed marriage and kids. They know it’s something they both want,” said the source.

Rocky and Rihanna‘s relationship is now even stronger. Rocky has been supportive of Rihanna all way long throughout the pregnancy. Another source told EXCLUSIVELY,” Rocky has been so supportive throughout her pregnancy and he’s been with her every step of the way, He has not left her side and has no plans on it; he is incredibly supportive of Rihanna. Rocky has never been in love with her more than he is right now and the two of them are in the best place right now.”

Rihanna also gave a huge hint about her future while she was shopping for baby clothes on another occasion. She bought an orange ruffled dress which has made fans believe she’s expecting a baby girl. The SOS singer has definitely much to look forward to in the coming months.

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