Mike Tyson is regarded as one of the all-time great heavyweight boxers. He is also known for his love of weed in recent days. He isn’t the only celeb who loves THC, because Snoop Dogg is right there with him.

Mike revealed his ear-shaped cannabis edibles, dubbed “Mike Bites,” last week. It’s an on-brand product launch that combines Tyson’s love for cannabis with his most infamous boxing moment. Tyson recently admitted to getting too high with Snoop Dogg after vouching for his weed tolerance.

Mike may be a heavy smoker, but that doesn’t mean he’d go out of his way to outsmoke Snoop Dogg. The legendary champion recently appeared on Gillie Da King and Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, where the topic of a smoking competition came up. Gillie and Mike were smoking when Mike said that in a Smoker’s Olympics, Gillie wouldn’t stand a chance against Snoop Dogg.

“If you and Snoop were really in a competition, Snoop wouldn’t talk. He would just lay back and smoke, and you kill. He wouldn’t be having no conversation here and there and passing the joint. He would just lay back and kill you… wouldn’t even talk to a n***a.”


Gillie expressed his admiration for Snoop Dogg before claiming that “Unc’ couldn’t smoke with me, either.” Snoop Dogg reposted the video, writing, “U heard da champ.” Mike explained that Snoop’s lungs are unique, citing a pre-show session that left him so high that he had to go home. Tyson stated that he would accompany Snoop and Dre on stage when they were on tour.

“Let me tell you what happened: they were already an hour late, right? An hour and a half late. They come out to the show, Snoop sees me and goes, ‘No, let’s go back on the bus for another two hours.’ I said, ‘what the f*ck?’ and the people are still waiting. He went out and he performed. I’m too high, I didn’t even go out. I turned around and went home.”

This proved that Snoop Dogg is more cool than most people believe. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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