Kanye West has worked incredibly hard to make himself the billionaire rap and fashion mogul that he is today. There is certainly a method to his madness and not everyone likes that aspect about Kanye West. The rap icon has a number of achievements to his name.

Ye’s album, Donda, has been certified platinum by the RIAA. The album has earned over one million equivalent album sales since its release. It’s certainly an incredible feat to achieve.

Finally, Ye has offered another update to Donda 2, his most recent studio album. The album has been updated with a new verse from Fivio Foreign on “We Did It Kid,” which also features Migos and Baby Keem, according to several reports. It’s unknown whether any additional songs have been changed.

While the rest of the world waits for Donda 2 to be released on streaming services, the ever-changing album experience is taking place solely on Stem Player, Ye’s $200 gizmo that can isolate stems from any song. Those who have acquired the Stem Player will be surprised this week, as a new version of “We Did It Kid,” featuring Fivio Foreign, is available.


Snippets of his lyric have been shared on social media, but this hasn’t restored public confidence in the album. The Stem Player experiment appears to have been a financial success for Ye, but on most other fronts, people are grumbling that the album release has been mostly forgotten about because it is still unavailable to the general public. Hear out the preview of Fivio’s verse below.

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