Kardashians will never have it easy with the fans. Their criticism and mockery is a part of their daily life. This time the fans have targetted Khloe Kardashian for photoshopping her recent photos.

Khloe took to her Good American Instagram account and shared a picture of her in a nude Bodysuit. She accessorized the outfit with gold hoop earrings and styled her blond hair in a sleek middle-parting, reported The Sun. The post was captioned: “BODYSUIT BABE 😍 Queen Koko in the Scuba Mock Neck Tank Bodysuit in Pecan. Shop Good Body.”

Fans didn’t take much time to come in the comments and mock the reality star. One commented: “I don’t think this be photoshopped anymore.” “Let’s see the unedited photo though” another wrote. A third posted: “There is something wayyyyyy off about this photoshop job.”

Previously fans have also voiced their concerns about Khloe’s drastic weight loss. People have speculated that this is a direct effect of her breakup with athlete Tristan Thompson. In January, he admitted in a lengthy Instagram post that he is indeed the father of Maralee Nichols’ child.

Following months of silence regarding Tristan’s scandal, Khloe finally opened up about the subject. In a cover story for Variety earlier this month she spoke up about how she feels about the matter. The reality star promised the topic will be discussed on the family’s new Hulu series.

The constant nagging from the fans never seems to fade away. Whatever they do or post, seems to get a bad rep on the internet. However, it has never stopped the Kardashians to keep up their usual work.

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