Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck rekindled their relationship in 2021. Since his rehabilitation, the former Batman actor has referred to the pop singer as his “rock,” and the two are now looking to start afresh, except this time with more miniature copies of themselves running around.

Lopez and Affleck have reportedly spent the previous year rekindling their romance and are now seeking to take things to the next level. The Hollywood power couple is said to have spent $50 million on a sprawling Los Angeles mansion for themselves and their families.

According to reports, J Lo and Ben are purchasing a 20,000 square foot mansion in Bel-Air. The sprawling estate is said to be tucked away in a forest of LA trees. The house has 10 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms, according to the listing. Their private home theatre, a gym, multiple kitchens, a massive two-person bathtub, and a backyard pool and jacuzzi are all included in the estate.

Todd Lemkin, a Texas billionaire, formerly owned the home and was attempting to sell it for $65 million. The actual amount the couple paid for the estate has yet to be revealed, but reports indicate it was in the $50 million range, implying that they may have paid less than the asking price.


Affleck and Lopez have a combined net worth of roughly $550 million, so their new property won’t break the bank. They began dating in 2001, shortly after co-starring in the critically panned film Gigli. They became engaged a year later, but called off the wedding and eventually broke up in 2004. Both of them went on to start their own families after their divorce.

After marrying Jennifer Garner, Affleck has three children: Violet Anne, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, and Samuel. The actor and his wife split in 2018 when he was supposedly in rehab for his alcoholism. The actor went on to say that his divorce was his greatest regret in life.

Lopez also moved on after her breakup with Affleck, marrying Spanish singer Marc Anthony less than five months later. Her marriage, she went on to say, was “a Band-Aid on the Cut.” She went on to have twins, Emme and Max, who are now 14 years old, before divorcing the artist in 2014.

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