Kanye West has been chastising Pete Davidson since the day he began dating Kim Kardashian. Despite being in various relationships after the pair announced their divorce, Kanye has not taken well to his ex-wife meeting another man. Pete Davidson has apparently been managing the global spotlight well.

According to Pete’s Saturday Night Live co-star Chris Redd, he is still doing cool following Kanye West’s taunts and Soulja Boy’s threats. Since going public with Kim Kardashian and being the subject of public scrutiny over their relationship, Davidson has kept pretty quiet.

West has been outspoken about his fears about Davidson being around his ex-wife and kids. He even made two music videos for “Eazy” in which an animated version of the comedian is buried alive or attacked. A text interaction between Davidson and West was also released online by a friend of the actor, and it sparked another round of furious remarks from West.

Chris Redd has provided an update on how his friend is doing throughout this period of time. This week on The Jess Cagle Show, Redd indicated that he feels Davidson is handling things very well. He also stated that making jokes about West’s ego, on the other hand, is up for grabs.


There is a serious layer to that situation that I just won’t make fun of. I’m not making fun of his mental health. You know, I have my mental health issues myself, so I’m very aware of those things. His irresponsibility of it is what I make fun of. I’ve been on the phone with like our mutual friends and again, when it’s gotten really public and tight, it’s just better not to like put your friend in a weird situation by antagonizing a situation more than you need to. I hope they figure that out soon ’cause I ain’t got nothing to do with none of this. You always wanna make sure on both sides of it—even though me and Ye aren’t friends—I want the best for that dude, too.

Redd believes that jokes are going to get out of hand soon. Pete Davidson also wants to clear the air with Kanye West by meeting face to face in real life. We’ll have to wait and see whether the rapper will eventually stop harassing Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. Take a look at the video below.

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