We all make mistakes and sometimes that turns out to be a topic of laughter. Even celebs are prone to making mistakes. This time Mariah Carey made a hilarious mistake by accidentally texting Shawn Mendes.

Mariah Carey took to Twitter on Friday and shared a screenshot of her texting the singer Shawn Mendes. The text was initially meant for her cousin who shares the same name as the “Stitches” singer. He also replied back laughing and acknowledging that it was a funny mistake, reported Insider.

“My cousin Shawn M and I have this silly joke where we tell each other Happy Thanksgiving on St. Patrick’s Day @ShawnMendes found out about it today.. sorry Shawn!!”

Mariah initiated the convo by texting “Happy thanksgiving.” Realizing that it was sent to the wrong Shawm, she again wrote “Wrong Shawn. Sorry. Also, I do realize it is NOT Thanksgiving. Haha.” The “Wonder” singer graciously replied: “hahahaha that’s okay I figured it was an inside joke,” followed by two heart emojis.


This is not the only online exchange of words they had. Last year the two stars shared another playful and funny incident on social media. Mendes posted a shirtless selfie along with a list of things he felt grateful for, including “old Mariah Carey songs.” Carey recreated the image and duplicated his caption, swapping the mention of her own music for “old Shawn Mendes songs.”

It’s great to see two such amazing artists having friendly banter on the interest. We have mostly seen online beefs and disses all over the music industry. Interactions like these make music a much better space for the listeners.

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Anirban Biswas

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