Cody Rhodes shocked the wrestling world when he announced that he was leaving All Elite Wrestling. Rhodes helped found the company back in 2019 to compete with Vince McMahon’s WWE. Now, it has been reported that Cody is heading back to where he started.

Rhodes leaving AEW for WWE brought up some questions about his status on “The Go Big Show” which airs on TBS. TBS is the broadcast partner for AEW. Many fans wondered if Cody leaving for WWE meant the end of his run on the outlandish stunt competition show.

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about the situation. It sounds like Cody will be ok to complete any existing deals he has. That means he wouldn’t have to leave The Go Big Show if it gets renewed.

“Is he going to like it? I mean, he had a lot of pull in the other company. Maybe they want to groom him for something. You know, there’s a million different things. Maybe there’s going to be opportunities from NBC Universal for him now that he’s got his thing.


Again, Go Big Show and everything, if that show gets renewed, he can still do that show. I’m pretty sure. I don’t know 100% because I don’t know the contract, but I would be pretty sure he would work that into the contract, the things that he already had deals with… where if it’s a previous deal, I can still do it, as opposed to new deals, obviously Vince [McMahon] would have to approve. Which sort of sucks when you want to be an actor and you’re in WWE.

That is a negative. With Tony [Kahn, head of AEW], he would be able to just be like, ‘Hey, I got this gig and it’s really good,’ and Tony would be like, ‘Sure,’ unless it’s like the week before a pay-per-view and you’re booked into something big. It’s interesting. And in AEW, he was guaranteed to be a player. In WWE, there’s no guarantees. So, it’ll be fun to watch.”

WWE has not officially announced the signing of Cody Rhodes yet. All signs indicate his debut coming at WrestleMania 38 against Seth Rollins. Fans will have to wait and see how the situation shakes out with Cody and The Go Big Show.

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Michael Perry

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