Kim Kardashian launched her shapewear company Skims in 2019. In three years the company has garnered widespread popularity and acclaim as an innovative “solutions oriented” brand. It is now the most valuable brand in the shapewear industry.

Just recently, 40-year-old comedian and actress Amy Schumer took to her Instagram stories to flaunt her looks in Kim’s SKIMS. Amy can be seen rocking a skin-tight nude outfit posing with the victory sign. In one of her stories, she paired the shapewear with sunglasses and in another, she paired it with a grey cardigan.

@skims model unpaid or hired.

Amy Schumer previously stated that she will never undergo any cosmetic surgeries. Amy went back on her words after getting liposuction. She is not afraid to talk about her post-pregnancy liposuction and weight loss. Just earlier this week, Amy revealed she has no regrets about getting liposuction.


The Trainwreck actress also said that after turning 40 and having a C-section, and having her uterus and appendix removed as result of pain from endometriosis, liposuction became a viable option. She said that she healed well, and she’s feeling really good about getting lipo.

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