Mase has a long list of Billboard charts, albums, and smash top songs, which made him a record-breaker of the music industry. His bond with Diddy was so well-known that they were looked up to by fans all around the world. Unfortunately, certain feuds appear to exist, and recently Mase explained why he dropped a diss track against Diddy.

Mase has finally come back with an explanation for the diss track that was heard around the world this week. He returned to the studio to express his frustrations with Diddy. During the Golden Era of Hip Hop, the two were as close as brothers, but Mase has complained about Diddy refusing to let him buy his masters.

Mase unleashed on Diddy in “Oracle 2: The Liberation of Mason Betha,” without addressing the label president by name, and the preacher later appeared on Clubhouse to discuss his current single.

“I think I’ve handled it the way it should’ve been handled. From the Bible I read, from my understanding, when you have a problem you go to them one-on-one.”


“I never said he was my brother. We had similar goals. Did we have great music? Yes. I’m not gonna downplay a whole legacy, but I am gonna say that the moment you recognize you’re not going in the same direction, you do have a right to say, ‘Let’s fix this over here.’”

Despite the fact that Mase and Diddy shared the stage, studio, and charts together, the former refuted claimed that they were close. Mase didn’t go into detail about what sparked the split, but he said that there was a point when he sensed things were going south.

The friendship has devolved into a rivalry. This feud appears to be serious. What are your thoughts on, whether they will resolve their differences or continue to fight? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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