Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are one the hottest couple in Hollywood. The pair is no stranger when it comes to receiving a lot of attention for everything they do. However, sometimes the attention is negative. This time Kim is being mocked for boasting about Pete branding her name on his chest when she isn’t a fan of tattoos, to begin with.

A preview clip from Kardashian’s appearance on Ellen shows the host asking Kim about the alleged ink. It turns out it was not a tattoo at all. Pete branded Kim Kardashian’s name onto his chest. However, it all seems a bit overkill for a man who is actively having his other tattoos removed because he regrets them.

Fans are not here for Kim boasting about her beau’s new tattoos even though she previously compared tattoos to a bumper sticker. In the famous throwback clip, Kim was asked by Wendy Williams: “I have always thought that you don’t have tattoos anywhere?” Kim sneakily replied by saying, “Honey, would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?”

It seems her comments have now come back to haunt her. Fans took to Reddit to voice their opinions on the situation. “Midlife crisis. That’s exactly what’s happening here!” wrote one user.

A second fan added by saying, Their fling won’t last. She’s only happy right now because it’s new, fun, and completely different from her marriage with Kanye. Them actually having a life as a couple seems far reached.” “She also tweeted about hating cigarette smoke and Pete smokes like a chimney. She’s in her midlife crisis era,” wrote the third user.

Pete Davidson got matching tattoos with Miley Cyrus in the past. Davidson had his burned off because he no longer wanted it. The smart money is on the same thing happening with the Kardashian tattoos.

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