Kendall Jenner is no stranger when it comes to receiving a lot of attention. However, sometimes the attention can be negative. This time fans are not happy about Kendall making mean comments about her sister, Kylie in a resurfaced KUWTK clip.

In the resurfaced clip, Kendall made some backhanded compliments towards her little sister’s skin and hair. The model not only commented on her sister’s darker-looking skin tone but also commented on her big body pores. While Kylie decided to ignore her sister, it was evident that Kendall’s comment made her uncomfortable.

Kendall then turned the attention towards Kylie’s red-headed locks saying, “I loved your hair yesterday. I love when your normal Kylie hair but then you put like bangs or something. I love the bangs.” The 24-year-old continued to respond with silence, rolling her eyes at her sister’s strange compliment.

Fans immediately went straight to the comment section to bash the model for her mean comments. “100% being a hater. There’s a difference between what’s she claims to be doing and what she’s actually doing,” wrote one person. A second fan chimed in by saying, “Don’t be sensitive’. It’s called being a human.”


A third fan sympathized with Kylie by writing, “So Kendall likes to embarrass Kylie in front of her friends & ruin the cool image Kylie created bout herself to her peers got it.” While another felt Kendall’s comments were out of line adding, “I can’t imagine talking to my sister, best friend, or anyone this way. Insecurity at its finest”

While Kylie blames her sister’s behavior on the fact that they are two different people, we can agree that the model sometimes takes things too far. Embarrassing your sister in front of her friends? We are definitely not here for that energy. Watch the clip here.

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