Tekashi 6ix9ine appears to have fallen on hard financial times. The controversial rapper recently had to borrow $20 just to put gas in his tank. Reports came out confirming that Tekashi was broke.

Some fans were skeptical of the claims. The 25-year-old has sold a lot of records and has other income sources and despite legal issues, should have plenty of money on hand. One famed rap commentator thinks the entire story is bogus.

DJ Akademiks recently spoke about his thoughts on the 6ix9ine situation. Ak believes that Tekashi is claiming that he has no money to try and avoid a lawsuit. There is an ongoing suit over a robbery that took place. Tekashi was not a part of it, but ostensibly would be the target for a suit because of his status as a celebrity.

“They come up with this figure of $5 million per victim. 6ix9ines people in terms of submitting back to the court, and kind of like, figuring out what damages if he was supposed to be guilty should be. It’s kind of almost like, in a roundabout way, a soft way of settling.


He’s like ‘Yo, this would be valid if they were asking for max $25k. They pointed out to some other cases where people who claim they have PTSD, that’s the max they ever got, $25,000. These people want $5 million each. $10 million. Now, is he broke? This is the interesting thing about it all.

He says he’s only making $2,000 a month… This is where most rappers get really creative, for lack of a better word. Let me just say this. Is 6ix9ine not doing NFTs? Is 6ix9ine not doing all these other things? He’s OK. He’s OK. Are those things reported? Who knows if it needed to be reported? I don’t know the full details about all of his situation. 6ix9ine is OK.”

DJ Akademiks believes Tekashi is exaggerating his struggles to avoid the $10 million lawsuits. 6ix9ine is still a popular rapper with several business interests. While they might not be on the books legally, it appears he may be getting creative with his finances so he doesn’t have to pay out in the suit.

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Transcription by Thirsty for News

Michael Perry

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