Kylie Jenner’s life may be filled with all kinds of luxurious things but she still experiences emotions the same way as the rest of us. Following the birth of her second child, Wolf Webster, the fashi0n mogul has shared that she’s been having a hard time coping with postpartum symptoms.

The 24-year old took to Instagram to share her struggles with her millions of followers. She said on the social media platform, “I just wanna say to my postpartum moms, that postpartum has not been easy,” She further said, “It’s not been easy, it’s very hard. This experience for me personally has been a little harder than with my daughter,” 

“It’s not easy mentally, physically, spiritually… It’s just, crazy, and yeah! I didn’t want to just get back to life without saying that, because I think we can look on the internet and, you know, for other moms going through it right now, we can go on the internet and it might look a lot easier for other people, and like, but the pressure on us, but it hasn’t been easy for me either.”

The California native also said,  “It’s been hard, and I just wanted to say that.” Further she dropped a few words of encouragement for anyone who might be watching, “I didn’t even think I’d make it to this workout today, but I’m here and I’m feeling better, so you got this,”

Shortly after, Jenner came back with another message, “And it’s okay not to be okay.” She urged her followers to stop putting pressure on themselves.

“Once I realized that I was putting some pressure on myself, and I just keep reminding myself, I made a whole human. A beautiful, healthy boy and we have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to be back, not even physically, but just mentally, after birth.”

You can check out her latest update below. We will be on the lookout for more updates. Stay tuned to Thirsty.

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