Joe Rogan is a straightforward person who is well-known for his outspoken remarks. He is also not shy to take a shot at wokeness and this is no different.

Rogan claimed that The Hangover is the final “good comedy” and that “wokeness” is to blame for the genre’s demise. During an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience with comedian Tom Papa earlier this week, the podcast host examined comedy films from the previous decade.

“Is there a woke comedy movie? Is there even an attempt?” Rogan asked his guest, comedian Tom Papa, “Is there even an attempt at a politically correct comedy movie? They just stopped making comedy movies.”

“What was the last really good comedy movie?” Rogan went on to say. “It used to be you would be able to—There’s Something About MaryKingpin. You just snap ’em off. You knew what they were. It’s like wokeness killed the comedy movie in a lot of ways.”


Rogan admitted that there is one comedy film that is similar to 2009’s The Hangover’s humor, Seth Rogen’s 2013 film This Is the End. This Is The End also included Jonah Hill, James Franco, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson, all of whom played fictionalized versions of themselves at the start of cataclysmic events. “They murdered the comedy movie,” Rogan proclaimed.

Joe Rogan is making a killing on Spotify to tell people what is on his mind. It seems that he will continue doing just that while taking shots at how society has changed in the process.

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