Omeretta The Great may be finished with “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” but she isn’t done with love. In fact, she’s looking forward to spending the rest of her life with her boyfriend, who is now serving a 27-year prison sentence.

Raquel Harper discussed her relationship with her fiancé Ta’Byron Rashad Smith during an appearance on the It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast. Omeretta said that the two were happily engaged and that they intend to marry while he is incarcerated, but that they will have a second wedding once he is released.

When talking about having children, the rapper expressed excitement about having children with Smith, assuming that he will return soon. “He’s going to come home, he’s going to come home before the time that’s posted. Yeah, because I know,” she stated.

The Atlanta native has high expectations for her relationship and has even had his name tattooed on her a few times. Omeretta believes that everyone is judgmental and doesn’t comprehend her decision to hold her man down, despite the fact that she has received a lot of hate for it.


Smith was found guilty in 2017 of robbing a number of Asian-owned businesses in Georgia. Smith and his co-conspirator Dravion Sanchez Ware, according to the DOJ, harassed, threatened, and damaged their victims. Smith was sentenced to 27 years in prison, and when he is released, he will be 50 years old.

Omeretta recently left Love & Hip-Hop after clashing with the producers, who assured her that she would be able to concentrate on getting her songs heard. Rather than focusing on the “hip-hop” part of the show, the producers chose to focus on the “love” side.

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