Drake has rocked a variety of looks throughout his career. Drizzy is going places he’s never gone before, at least in his famous adulthood, and that’s with long braided hair. He’s now sporting that look and representing big.

Champagne Papi unveiled the new hairdo over the weekend. He did so while sharing two photographs with followers that showed his hair wrapped up and braided back, which is something we haven’t seen from Drake since he burst into the scene in the late 2000s. It’s unclear whether he plans to keep the hairdo and let his hair grow out, but we’ll say he should surely think about it since the braids look great on him.

The fact that his strands were long enough to braid at all may have surprised some, but if you’ve been paying attention it should come as no surprise. He has been sporting a bit of a poof recently, as evidenced by images of him at events like The Weeknd’s birthday party last month and even footage from his tropical trips.

Drake has been a little coy about it but he has been letting his hair down. Now he’s proudly displaying the finished result.

The strange thing is that Drizzy’s own son, Adonis, appears to have received a head start on braids, which is amazing to think about. Adonis has quite the mane with impressive long locks that he frequently wears up in an afro style, but he’s also been known to get his hair knotted, which we’ve seen on the largest of platforms next to his father.

You can check out the new look below.

What are your views on his new looks? Write down in the comments below!

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