Khloe Kardashian definitely possesses a body to flaunt for people to see. Although her photos attract millions in the comments, she receives a lot of hate for editing her images and getting work done on her face. However, this time the reality star is being praised for coming clean about cosmetic surgery in a resurfaced clip.

The Kardashians have faced backlash over the years for drastically changing their looks with Khloe being the most hated on. However, it seems she isn’t afraid to talk about them. A Kardashian fan account on TikTok recently shared a throwback clip from KUWTK featuring Khloe at the plastic surgeon’s office chatting with sister Kendall Jenner and fans are praising her for getting real.

“Cause I have stretch marks and cellulite, he does a little more for me. You don’t have stretch marks,” Khloe tells Kendall in the doctor’s room. “God is fair,” Khloe adds. However, the mom of one then gets more personal in her confessional.

“When you are photographed all the time it’s natural to have insecurities or want to change certain things about yourself,” reveals Khloe. Kim later joins her sisters as Khloe tells her older sibling about her plans for the day, “I wanna get my whole butt the stretch mark and the cellulite laser that we’re doing on my butt.”


Fans were quick to rush to the comments section to send love to Khloe for her honesty. “I miss this Khloe,” as another added, “They used to be open about it now they hide it,” wrote one fan. Another fan chimed in by saying, “She was so beautiful here,” with one chiming in, “Khloe looked perfect during this era.”

This came after Khloe’s on/off boyfriend Tristan Thompson was seen enjoying dinner with Kanye West. The rapper and the basketball player were seen smiling and spending some quality time with several females at the table. Looks like the exes are teaming up.

Click here to check out the video.

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