Kanye West is going strong with his social media by posting memes and weird poems. To become even better at PR and marketing, he hired a new media manager.

Ye is known to post outlandish, and disturbing, messages. We’ll have to see if this new hire does any good to help curve some of that online enthusiasm.

According to sources, the rapper has sought help from Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked to manage his public image and broker deals. This is probably to strengthen his online persona after his recent divorce from Kim Kardashian. However, hiring Jason can come as a surprise after his controversial reporting previously. A source said:

“Now Jason is working for him in the role of a media manager, helping broker deals and he is in charge of his public image. From the outside, it seems totally strange to take him on, especially after what happened with the Queen. But he wants to be surrounded by people who know how the media game works and reckons he shares a vision with Jason.”

The Hollywood Unlocked’s frontman was forced to apologize after they falsely claimed that The Queen had died. The Queen had contracted covid back then and the news was somehow skewed by Lee and his team. He later had to address the whole issue by himself.

After the wrong news, Lee originally stood by the site’s claims. However, in a now-deleted tweet, the outlet later shared a statement that read: ‘It was an accident,” Lee also later apologized by admitting his and his company’s mistake of relaying the wrong news.

“Although I’ve never been wrong when breaking a story because this involves The Queen this is one time I would want to be. And based on Wednesday’s report from the Palace, I can say my sources got this wrong and I sincerely apologize to The Queen and the Royal Family.”

Kanye has been posting strange and bitter outbursts on his social media after his split with Kim Kardashian. This shows that he really needs professional help who can help him manage his media ventures and Jason Lee is apparently the one for the job.

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