Kanye West’s Instagram account is being closely monitored as he keeps posting fascinating and thought-provoking content. However, West has recently shown some love to Lil Baby’s Balenciaga outfit on Instagram.

Lil Baby looked extra stylish while attending Paris Fashion Week a few days ago. Ye noticed and he had to say something. The “Donda” artist praised his musical collaborator’s Balenciaga ensemble. Then he turned that praise into a bunch of strange consecutive questions about how we exist in 2022.

“Love this fit @lilbaby. This the future. Jordorowsky Incal Turrell Year No Years No Time No space. Sci-Fi Cal Arts RISD, Cranbook, Pratt, RCA, Design Academy Eindhoven, Central St Martins, Aalto University, Parsons, Politecnico di Milano MassArt. All the beautiful design schools of our world, I ask you to ask yourselves, where are we going? It’s 2022, how do we look? How do we feel? What do we eat? Where do we live? How do we communicate? Who are we, and how do we design our world to be the best?”

Kanye has long been a fan of Balenciaga, and while he wasn’t present at their Winter ’22 runway earlier this week, his ex, Kim Kardashian, was. She gained attention by having a team of creatives cover her in caution tape, which couldn’t have been easy for her to move in, but certainly looked fantastic.

It appears like Kanye West’s Instagram antics are still going strong. However, keep an eye on Thirsty for more updates on your favorite rappers.

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