Rihanna is preparing to welcome a new life into the world, but she is not married. This is okay by a lot of people. Boosie Badazz says he’s all for Rihanna having her baby without getting married first. He defended Rihanna’s decision in an interview with VladTV.

During the interview, DJ Vlad started off by saying that he was disappointed that Rihanna did not get married before having a baby and then compared her to Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Boosie quickly responded to that by saying, “F**k all that, it’s what makes you happy. Nobody don’t give a f**k about peers. She’s a billionaire, what she got to follow somebody else drip for?”

Boosie has tried his luck with Rihanna not once but multiple times, yet his loyalty as a fan for Rihanna has always been there.


“She know what she f**king doing. Everybody ain’t got to be mother**king and jump in marriages and steal your mother**king sneaking geek,” Boosie continued. 

DJ Vlad then went on to inform Boosie that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have talked about plans involving marriage before the baby is born. Boosie responded to that- “But it doesn’t have to go like that. They have a mutually understanding. Everybody not for no fake a** marriages. “If they wanna do it, they can do it. But they don’t have to do it when the world says.”  

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