Eminem is widely recognized to be one of hip-hop culture’s most prominent figures today. Marshall Mathers has recently gathered over half a million votes in support of his induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in less than a month.

Em was not even in the Top 5 at the start of the polling, but then he rocketed to the top. Then he got caught up in a high-speed chase orchestrated by Duran Duran fans, who eventually booted their idols all the way to the top. Their voting equipment is still operational, and the current vote difference between Duran Duran and Eminem is about 40,000 votes.

Eminem fans, on the other hand, appear to pick their battles wisely. It’s pointless to compete with pop fan armies and their dexterous fingertips. The inclusion of an artist who comes in first place in the popular vote contest isn’t guaranteed.

The voting committee will take this ballot into consideration. There’s also this to think about, Eminem currently has over 505,000 votes. It’s nearly 200,000 votes more than Pat Betanar (No. 3) and about the same as Dolly Parton (No. 4) and Eurythmics (No. 5) put together.


Marshall will keep a respectful position on the Hall of Fame fan ballot.  Because his supporters simply go out and vote for him, without any fanfare, massive campaigns, strategic alliances, or anything else. Eminem has a large and devoted following, as well as an even larger audience.

Also, don’t forget to vote on vote.rockhall.com every day.

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