Alec Baldwin has mostly kept a low profile since the tragic shooting on the set of his film “Rust.” Hilaria Baldwin expressed her love for her husband Alec Baldwin with an emotional tribute following his first in-depth interview. Hilaria recently announced a social media hiatus.

Hilaria Baldwin is taking a break from social media, at least for the time being. She announced her departure on Instagram on Friday, promising to return soon.

“I promise I’ll be back. I love you and know you worry, so want to give you a heads up. I might check in from time to time, dropping you a photo, and letting you know we are ok. Be good to yourselves and so much love and good energy to you. See you soon.”

A source informed ET that Hilaria “isn’t taking a break from social media for any particular reason or because anything is wrong.” The source added, “She just wants to enjoy her time with her kids and focus on them without having to think about social media or be distracted by it, and taking a break will allow her to do this even more.”


The move comes just weeks after Hilaria’s husband, Alec Baldwin was named as a defendant in the Halyna Hutchins estate’s wrongful death lawsuit. Hilaria’s most recent post before announcing her retirement from social media was a 26-second video of her young son, Eduardo, arguing with his fur siblings over his toys. 

Meanwhile, Alec took to social media on the day Matt Hutchins’ interview aired on Today, and posted a cryptic message about “being truthful.”

“In Buddhism, being truthful goes beyond simply not telling lies. It means speaking truthfully and honestly, yes. But it also means using speech to benefit others and not to use it to benefit only ourselves.”

Perhaps Hilaria is attempting a social media detox because it can be exhausting at times. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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