Activision Blizzard faced a lot of controversy and lawsuits in the past. Almost all the legal troubles that the company had to withstand were related to the treatment of female employees and the company promoting an environment conducive to sexual harassment.

The gaming giant was then picked up by Microsoft in a massive $70 billion deal. However, it seems that their toilsome journey is not over yet as the company is hit with another lawsuit.

The family of a female employee of the company, who committed suicide, is now suing Activision Blizzard in a lawsuit. They claim that the alleged sexual harassment suffered by the victim is responsible for her death.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that her parents filed a lawsuit for wrongful death. She was named Kerri Moynihan, who worked as a finance manager at the company.

Moynihan was found dead at a company retreat in 2017. The compliant was filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court. It stated that when investigators from Anaheim Police Department inquired her supervisor about any relationship between them, he denied it. However, when they asked for access to Moynihan’s devices, the company refused, stating that the devices had been wiped clean of any data.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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