Westside Gunn is apparently so confident that he is willing to look past a lot of talent that might be better than him. The rapper has been massively influential in the last half decade.

Gunn has brought the likes of Benny the Butcher and Conway The Machine to the fold and actually progressed Griselda as one of the leading forces in music. The rapper is in the process of putting out new music himself, and made an interesting announcement alongside that.

The rapper took to Twitter in order to sing his own praises ahead of his 40th birthday. While he deemed himself “the GOAT“, he added that most of his fans are not going to see it for at least another decade.

I’m not gonna lie I’m the [GOAT] but y’all won’t see it for another 10yrs. That’s how far ahead I really am, I’m something just totally diff, I already lead the league in assist and still score over 25 a night but now I’m about to start scoring 40 a night & wont sweat 1x #FLYGOD.

Westside Gunn teased a couple of years ago that he would be retiring. However, it seems to use back at it again, and he’s ready to deliver a lot more. Calling himself the GOAT is a bit of a stretch, but he is definitely one of the best rappers out there.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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