Yngx 17, real name Taariq Grant, was a promising rapper from Los Angeles. The 28-year-old rapper met with a tragic incident recently that cost him his life. Loved ones are mourning the death of Yngx 17 who was killed in an accident with a vehicle.

Grant was apparently in North Hollywood earlier this week when he was involved in a verbal altercation with the driver of a Toyota Tundra with a 25-foot trailer as a pedestrian. It’s unclear what the disagreement was about, but it happened when the truck was stopped in the middle of the road.

Yngx 17 was believed to have climbed atop the truck’s trailer, which was then smashed into a concrete wall divider in the middle of the road by the driver. The impact led Grant to collapse, pinning him under the trailer’s wheels, according to the Los Angeles Times.

It was too late by the time first responders arrived. Grant was pronounced dead on the scene. The investigation is still underway, but there is no word on any prospective arrests or charges.

The Los Angeles Police Department released a statement about motorist-pedestrian interactions. “Motorists are reminded to remain patient while driving on the roadway, and pedestrians are reminded not to ride on portions of a vehicle that are not designated or intended for the use of passengers.” We extend our heartfelt condolences to Grant’s family. RIP.

Gunjan Nath

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