Joe Rogan found himself in hot water as a montage of him saying N-word multiple times went viral on the Internet. Many celebrities from all over the world took this opportunity to blast the long-time UFC commentator. However, Freddie Gibbs has come to a defense of Rogan.

The Gary, Indiana rapper recently appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he discussed several topics and affirmed that he doesn’t think Joe Rogan is racist.

“You can’t say that sh*t, Joe. Cause you pissed n***** off when you did that compilation. It was funny as f*ck, though. I can’t even lie.”

“I don’t think you’re racist, my n**ga,” he continued. “You my n**ga, I f**k with you. I never thought you was a racist. I just thought you was saying some s**t you shouldn’t have said and a lot of us n**gas say some shit we shouldn’t say sometimes, but it is what it is.”

To the quotes mentioned above, Joe Rogan replied, “Well, that’s the only word that you can’t say, no matter what.” Freddie responded to Rogan by saying, “Nah, you gotta give that to us. That’s the thing, I wanna tell White people right now, y’all just gotta let us have that. Like, just let us have ‘n**ga.’ We got it. It’s one thing, y’all already human trafficked us over here. Let us have that.”

This is not the first time person of African descent has defended Rogan’s usage of the N-word. In early February, the current UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya also took sides with Joe Rogan. They are apparently friends as well.

Check out the podcast clip below.

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Bhupen Dange

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