Euphoria fans were shocked by the end of season two. We’re not giving spoilers here, but we can tell you about something that was supposed to happen, but it didn’t.

Angus Cloud, who plays Fezco on Euphoria, revealed that originally Fezco was meant to die in the season 2 finale. The season ends with significant changes for all the characters on the show.

Cloud says that originally in the script, Fezco had meant to die. He said in an interview, “I think they wanted it to be as dramatic as possible.” Also, in an interview with Esquire, Walton revealed the same.

“You better tell it was Javon who snitched,” he added with a laugh to make sure he doesn’t get into trouble for spilling details.

Euphoria fans will have to wait a long time for season 3, so they can let season 2 simmer for a minute longer. How do you feel about those original plans?

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Sanchari Ghosh

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