Chingy hasn’t launched any music that stands out in the last decade. However, the rapper has recently become a trending topic after a senior executive at Estée Lauder was fired.

Estée Lauder senior executive John Demsey was forced to resign on Monday after posting a racial slur meme on Instagram. Not only that, but it also alluded to Chingy. And, of course, social media is taking advantage of this to make some jokes about Chingy.

Demsey has apologized, asserting that he didn’t really read the meme before posting it on his Instagram account. Chingy later responded with a positive note, claiming that he did not find the meme to be offensive or racist.

Chingy commented:

“I can tell you wurr jus trying to be hip like the kids today an it jus came out the wrong way. I didn’t see it as being a racial slurr either my brother. I love you guys products always have and I hope you keep yurr job my man,”

Chingy’s name continued to trend on Twitter after that, so he once and for all delivered an Instagram video later that night. “Y’all wanna know what I’m doing while everybody’s gossiping, talking about I’m trending around the world over some stuff that I’m not even concerned about and didn’t take to heart,” he said. “That didn’t mean much to me because I think it was just an honest mistake that the guy made,” as he sat with his daughter, he continued.

However, Chingy showed love for John Demsey once more before simply repeating that he didn’t take offense at the post. Take a look at his comments below!

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Smita Singha Roy

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