The internet has not been nice to Chelsea Houska in the past few weeks. She has been blasted by fans for appearing differently than her regular self. Fans have now hit her again with blackfishing rumors due to a picture she posted online.

The Teen Mom star took to Instagram on Sunday and posted a few pictures of her. She sported a range of casual outfits that included ripped jeans, a leather jacket, and a set of t-shirts that primarily showed off the neutral colors. She matched the dresses with a variety of shoes ranging from loafers to dress boots.

The fans, however, were least interested in her fashionable display. They were quick to point out her darker than usual skin complexion. People left no insults untold at a Reddit post where everybody took shots at her for apparent blackfishing.

One critic wrote on Reddit: “Oh god the splotchy self-tanner on her hand gave me middle school flashbacks of trying it for the first time.” Another added: “This is blackfishing and honestly most white influencers like Chelsea seem to be addicted to tanning to the point where I’m worried it’s body dysmorphia.” A third posted: “This is ridiculous. I genuinely thought she was wearing dark nylons under her sweats until you pointed her hand out.”

This is not the first time Chelsea received backlash online for pretending to be Black or mixed-race. Back in December, Chelsea posted a picture of herself alongside her daughters which created the same online uproar. The fans were quick to notice that she appeared to be significantly more tan than her children.

Blackfishing is a very offensive way of representing the culture and customs of different races, and Chelsea has done it on more than one occasion. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that this is definitely not a coincidence.

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