Khloe has been working on her body and being an Instagram baddie. She looked unrecognizable as she debuted a short brunette bob haircut. Recently, KoKo is under fire for a bad photoshop job.

Khloe has been called out plenty of times for airbrushing her photos. Not just this, she has been caught many times trying to morph pictures to make her look more curvy. Recently, a post showed off her curves but also included a visibly curved phone case and door frame.

The mirror was ‘curved’ around her jawline. On Friday, Khloe shared two photos and a video on her Instagram. She revealed that the post had been shared in “real time,” which is uncommon for her, captioning it: “I rarely post in real time.”

Khloe posed in a gray form-fitting dress in a mirror selfie. Her hair was in a high bun atop her head, donning large gold hoop earrings and long red nails proudly holding her phone out. The phone also appeared slightly bent in the photo.


Koko also posted a photo in a close-up shot, and in the video, filmed the very same mirror and posed. Fans began noticing that the door seen in the mirror was visibly warped in both the photo and video. A slew of harsh comments ensued.

“Door frame is bent🤦‍♀️” a fan pointed out. “Photo so good even the phone case and the jamb got bent” another noted. “The door frame is bent by her face 😅” another pointed out.

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Shifa Jahan

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