Bill Maher is one of the most recognizable political commentators in the United States. Maher’s opinions are often controversial. The “Real Time” host never lets that get in the way of a good discussion.

Some Americans find the heinous Russian invasion of Ukraine difficult to comprehend, so Bill Maher distilled it down for them in words that a pop culture consumer can understand. On a recent episode of Real Time, Maher compared Ukraine to Kim Kardashian, NATO to Pete Davidson, and Ye to Russia.

So, the concept is this: Kim (Ukraine) wants her freedom, but she’s boldly taken steps to move on from her marriage by forging a romantic alliance with Pete (NATO), and Kanye (Russia) is now throwing up all these false scenarios, claiming they’re making his life difficult, so he’s now acting aggressively.

Maher wrapped out his show in classic Bill manner, expressing unmitigated hatred for the Republican Party while criticizing the Democrats for losing a chance to avoid electoral calamity. Trump’s control on the Republican Party appears to be eroding, he said, noting that poll data suggest a drop in support as drastic as Omicron’s.

So, his thesis is that a lot of people who were lured to Trump because they felt disenfranchised are now leaping off the train in droves, making them ripe for the picking, assuming Democrats don’t attack them for previously supporting Trump. To put it another way, be gracious.

There’s a fantastic sports metaphor here. This chance was once described by Obama, and Bill vividly recalls it. His main point was that it’s best not to discuss politics with people who hold conflicting viewpoints since it never ends nicely. It’s safer to talk about Yellowstone.

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Gunjan Nath

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