2 Chainz recently pulled up to Detroit and shared a sarcastic video on his IG story inviting Eminem for a rap battle.

The Georgia-born rapper was excited to visit Eminem’s hometown and he could not help but upload a video in which he says “8 Mile n****. Tell Rabbit I want motherf*cking battle. One-on-one Rabbit!”

Eminem’s Jimmy ‘B-Rabbit’ Smith character in the 8 Mile movie is what 2 Chainz is referring to. No, Em did not show up, neither did his 8 Mile counterpart, but it would be a lot cooler if he did.

8 mile is an incredible movie and almost every rapper either makes a note or a sarcastic comment like 2 Chainz did. In the video, he is challenging B-Rabbit to a face-off! Yes, 2 Chainz wanted the smoke, even if he was kidding there had to have been a little excitement over the possibility that Slim Shady will take him up on this challenge.

Eminem and 2 Chainz have previously collaborated on “Chloraseptic” remix, which originally appeared on Eminem’s 2017 album “Revival.” So, they’re likely cool and there is no beef there.

Watch the video to see how 2 Chainz tried to challenge Eminem for a rap battle.

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