Music industry stories concerning songs written for other artists typically elicit disputes over who could have done it better. When a song is a smash, such as Ciara’s classic “Like a Boy,” it’s tough to believe that any other singer could perform it as effectively.

The single was featured on Ciara’s 2006 LaFace Records album The Evolution, but “Like a Boy” was almost hers, according to Kelly Rowland. The Destiny’s Child icon has toured the world and won numerous honors throughout her career, but Rowland confessed that she was disappointed when Ciara won the song.

Rowland was asked if there was ever a song written for Destiny’s Child that ended up being recorded by another artist during an interview on MNEK. The singer stated that she couldn’t think of anything.

That’s happened to me personally and I didn’t find out till much later. ‘Like A Boy,’ that was Ciara‘s, was actually written for me. Yeah. And funny enough, she is honestly one of the closest things to me. We bonded over motherhood. I wonder if she knows that [the song was written for me]. I’ll make sure to call her after this. But yeah, it was so funny. I found that out later and I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ The writers and producers told me and they were like, ‘Yeah, we wrote that in your session.’ I was like, ‘No, you didn’t.’ I was so mad. But now I’m happy for my girl.

However, there is no ill will between the ladies because of the record, and they are excellent friends. Check out the music video for “Like a Boy” below and tell us whether you think Kelly Rowland could pull it off.

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