Cardi B sued blogger Tasha K in 2019 due to dozens of online videos that Cardi says defamed her. The case went to court and Cardi was declared the winner. Tasha now owes the rapper $1.25 million in damages plus legal fees and other penalties, equaling about $4 million in total.

On top of the damages, additional legal proceedings are expected to determine whether Tasha owes Cardi additional money for punitive damages and legal fees. Cardi stated she felt suicidal due to Tasha’s unkind words and called her evil.

News broke yesterday that Tasha doesn’t have the money. The vlogger said she didn’t have the money and she wasn’t paying. Tasha K believes that Cardi is bullying her. Cardi B took to Twitter to issue a stern warning to the losing party.

“Think is a game but trust imma come for everything …..BBHMM”

For those not versed in internet acronyms, Cardi was saying, ‘bitch better have my money.’ Cardi is serious about going after Tasha K. She is hoping going scorched earth will make other YouTubers think twice before defaming celebs.

We will see what tactics Cardi B takes as she tries to get the money that Tasha K owes her. There could be more legal proceedings down the line. Time will tell if Cardi ever gets her cash.

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