Slim 400 was sadly lost to the hip-hop world in December. YG was close friends with the California artist, and when he died, YG was horrified by what had happened.

Following Slim’s death, YG and other Los Angeles musicians were seen at his funeral, and they made it a point to pay tribute to the artist in any manner they could in the months that followed.

When an artist goes away, it’s common for one of their closest friends to memorialize them with a portrait tattoo, as we’ve seen in the past. When Young Dolph was murdered, Key Glock got a tattoo of him, and it turns out that YG is doing the same for Slim 400.

YG flaunted a stunning new realistic portrait of Slim 400 on his calf while posting to his Instagram story. His “4Hunnid” tattoo, which has a black outline and red ink on the inside, was precisely positioned beneath the tattoo.

Slim 400’s tattoo is exceptionally well-done, and it’s apparent that YG will proudly display it for years to come. Take a look at YG’s Instagram story screenshot featuring the late Slim 400’s tattoo below.

What’s your take on YG’s new ink? Sound off in the comments.

Gunjan Nath

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