Lauren Sorrentino, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s wife, discusses her actions in the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. The couple was seen at a group dinner with Deena Nicole Cortese and her husband Chris Buckner, Vinny Guadagnino, and Angelina Pivarnick and her now-estranged spouse Chris Larangeira in the last minutes of Thursday’s episode of the MTV reality series.

Lauren was not having a good time at the dinner, which took place at the end of the group’s first day of their cast retreat in the Florida Keys. She expressed how tired she was. Lauren even complained about the food and appeared to tell the waiter that it tasted “like sh*t” while at dinner.

In a confessional, Angelina offered her thoughts on Lauren’s behavior, saying: “Lauren is a blunt person like I am. I’m a little bit more raunchy, she’s a little bit more bitchy.” Lauren asked Mike if he was ready to depart while he was still eating and stated they would leave after their dinner.

Mike indicated her that he wanted to finish his supper. Lauren informed him, “I’m ready to shower and go to sleep.” Lauren explained that she had to go take care of their 5-month-old Romeo because the couple had brought him on vacation. Mike attempted to give a sincere toast to his companions after he appeared to finish his dinner. Lauren interrupted him, pleading with him to speed up so she could leave.

Lauren, 37, shared a modified version of the popular “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” woman yelling at cat meme. Lauren and Angelina Jolie’s features appear to have been photoshopped over Taylor Armstrong and Kyle Richards’ faces, respectively, in the photo, but Deena and Vinny’s heads are visible next to the cat.

Clearly this weeks episode was not my finest hour, but shocking to some I am a flawed human that was struggling at 5 months postpartum, along with severe ptsd from Romeo’s very scary and serious NICU stay. That was my first 24 hours away from him, hoping he was ok in a hotel room w family (of course he was but I was stressed). I was anxious and out of my comfort zone. I made some mistakes and lost my cool at dinner. That being said, I should have excused myself and met my husband in bed later – instead I tried to power through to finish the dinner. I added in some strong af spicy 🌶 margs 🍹 (bad idea) to the mix & next thing you know things went sideways 😵‍💫 .

Lauren went on to say that she didn’t disrespect any waitstaff and that her comments regarding the meal were focused at Mike, blaming the editing for making it appear as though she was being nasty to the waitstaff. She also said that she apologized to Deena and Vinny. MTV airs “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” on Thursday nights.

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