Rudy Giuliani was once known as America’s Mayor. Since his triumphant response in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a lot of Rudy’s lusture has melted down the side of his face. Giuliani’s become a national symbol of buffoonery.

The latest bad take came when Rudy Giuliani said he thought Eminem should leave the United States. The Detroit rapper took a knee during his Super Bowl LVI halftime performance to show solidarity for racial justice. The former New York mayor took to his radio show to call for the deportation of Eminem.

Stephen Colbert and his crew had some fun with Rudy’s criticism on last night’s Late Show. Colbert aired a parody song that obliterated Giuliani. The song came in the form of an edited version of “Lose Yourself” with some pointed lyrics mashed together by the show’s producers.

“Look, his skull’s not hairy/ Teeth fake, thrice-ly married/ The leakage on his cheekage is scary/ Probably sherry/ He’s drunk, but on the surface he looks, well, drunk/ He’s not hiding it, hope he doesn’t whip out his junk/ Like that one scene/ So obscene, he reached for peen


He’s lost grasp of reality/ Whoa, is he having a stroke?/ He found ballots they’re faux

You can go screw yourself/ You’re a doofus, you know it/ You bonehead, less ethical Nosferatu/ Told me he’s had one shot/ It smells more like 22/ His cerebellum’s gone into rapid decline/ Douchenozzle!”

You can check out the hilarious clip below. Eminem is not likely sweating Giuliani’s deportation movement. Shady actually lives in reality.

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Michael Perry

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