Shanna Moakler insists she isn’t seeking to date Lamar Odom, despite flirting with him on “Celebrity Big Brother” and upsetting her partner in the act. Shanna, who was recently evicted from the ‘CBB’ home, told TMZ that she’s not emotionally or otherwise interested in Lamar.

She however understands why her boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, is upset about her behavior in the house. The news was first reported by TMZ. Shanna’s boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, was having second thoughts about proposing because of the subtle sexual innuendos flying back and forth between Shanna and Odom.

Shanna acknowledged that Matthew’s feelings are legitimate, stating that she made remarks that would have been hurtful to her if the roles were reversed. She goes on to say that the last thing she wanted to do was hurt the one person who has always stood by her side through thick and thin.

Remember that Matthew was looking for engagement rings earlier this month? Well, he’s put the brakes on a possible proposal, and he and Shanna have unfollowed each other on Instagram. Shanna and Matthew, who have been dating on and off since 2020, claim they’re taking things day by day but are still together and working on them.


Shanna seems to want a future with Matthew, saying that he means the world to her and that she’s grateful to have him in her life because they have a real and honest love. It’ll be interesting to see if Matthew agrees.

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