Popp Hunna is most known for his viral song Adderall on TikTok. Many celebrities who took part in the Corvette Corvette dance challenge only boosted his fame even more. The Corvette Corvette rapper’s name was everywhere as he wildly went viral for his song, but today his name is not being circulated in the best light.

The rapper is being accused of domestic violence by a woman claiming to be his ex-girlfriend. The woman claims that Pop Hunna physically abused her on several occasions. In a series of photos shared on social media, the woman says that her intent is to see Popp Hunna jailed for what he’s allegedly done to her. 

Pop Hunna’s girlfriend took to Instagram and shared disturbing photos of badly beaten she was. Pop’s girlfriend identied as ‘@1poohh’ on Instagram. She shared a series of slide photos with many injuries, cuts, open wounds, hickies and bruises she sustained from her alleged abuser Pop Hunna.

In one of the photos, the girlfriend captioned “bit the skin off my back, still got them marks till this day”. “All imma say is your going to jail . Your going to jail . Your going to jail . I protected you for so long , soooo sooo long . Don’t let my dad have had been outta jail , he would’ve did you . You beat my ass all because you was a cheater , all because you cheated on me” she has written in the caption.


She went on to say that, “Anytime you ain’t get ya way you took it out on me . I was there for ya son and family .. ya mom don’t like me but all ya brothers did . I made sure everybody ate and made sure everybody was cool . This is ridiculous how having a good heart gets you .. it’s gets you nowhere . Nowhere in life . I came back after you used and abused me .. and you still chose to do what you did . I’m over this dawg , it’s my turn now . You had ya fun @popphunna . It’s my turn now”.

She also accused him of being engaged with minor. Which she posted on her insta story. “I will keep bringing out receipts” she said.

We just have to hold tight and see what rapper has to say in this. As of this writing, Popp Hunna has not responded to these allegations.

Artoria Pendragon

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