Suicidal Tendencies is an American crossover thrash metal band founded in 1980 in Venice, California, by vocalist Mike Muir, the band’s lone original member. Ronald Bruner Jr., the ex-drummer for Suicidal Tendencies, was arrested for public intoxication in Burbank, California, after getting pissed off with his rideshare driver.

According to Burbank PD, the driver complained to officers on Sunday about Ronald becoming difficult throughout his ride. Officers say they found the musician drunk in the back of the truck when they arrived, and the worst part is that he’s allegedly a fan of the “Wiz!”

He urinated all over the backseat, according to reports. Bruner was detained and booked for public intoxication, and authorities released him with a citation and a court date around 12 hours later.

RBJ began playing drums professionally at the age of 15, bouncing from band to band before obtaining a seat in the punk rock band Suicidal Tendencies, with whom he jammed for seven years.


He was also a member of the Stanley Clarke Band, which won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Jazz Album in 2010. We do know he’s got a job lined up for April, standing in front of a court.

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