Drake had a monumental hit when he released “Certified Lover Boy” in September of 2021. The heavily hyped album broke records soon after it dropped. The album’s intro, “Champagne Poetry” had origins one wouldn’t expect from such a hit release.

Noah ’40’ Shebib has worked with Drake for the vast majority of his career as a musician. Shebib has produced over 30 tracks for the Toronto native. 40 said in an interview with FC The Truth that the intro to Certified Lover Boy was produced on an iPhone.

40 has worked with the device on several other projects. Shebib says the iPhone sounds great and if he needs to record an instrument quickly, the Apple device has become a go-to tool.

“I’m always recording stuff on an iPhone because it’s easier these days and the iPhone sounds great. So like, if I have to record just like an instrument I might use an iPhone for instance.


The Beatles didn’t have much to work with back then. Marvin Gaye was lying down on a couch with an SM-57 so it’s like alright, so grab an SM-57 for $100 and lie on the couch in the living room and track a record and make it great.”

Technology has come a long way when it comes to the recording industry. Nobody could have imagined at the start of the Millenium that mobile phones would be used to produce hit records. Noah Shebib and Drake know just how powerful a simple iPhone can be.

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Michael Perry

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