Patrick Mahomes is one of the finest quarterbacks in the NFL, and he has undoubtedly left his mark in the league after a stellar time at Texas Tech. There are two people in his life who fans always go to when it comes to his personal life. Jackson, his TikTok-obsessed brother, and Brittany Matthews, his fiancé, are the two people in question.

Fans will make up any excuse to spread hate online about Matthews, who is notorious for her antics at Chiefs games. That’s exactly what happened on Wednesday night at a Texas Tech basketball game, when Mahomes and Matthews had an odd interaction while sitting courtside.

Mahomes said something to his fiancé, who responded with a lively answer. Fans quickly took to social media to claim that Mahomes was being treated unfairly and that he was likely trapped in his relationship. It was the usual trash that can be found on Twitter, and Mahomes felt compelled to respond.

Man people are weird… love you babe @brittanylynne8.


Matthews has been a target for football fans in the past, and it doesn’t appear that will change in the future. Hopefully, Mahomes and his fiancé will be able to move on and resume their normal lives. Check out the tweet in reference and the viral video down below.

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